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Imaging Graphics

Imaging Graphics


Microsystems Technology Office (MTO), DARPA


These graphics were built to highlight potential new applications and abilities in imaging technolgoy


Illustrates technical concepts such as multi-purpose imaging sensors, object recognition, and optical phased array technology

This artist’s rendition depicts a single imaging sensor, in this case one that is aboard an unmanned aerial vehicle, simultaneously operating in three potential ReImagine modes—3D-mapping at the lower left, vehicle detection and tracking, and thermal scanning for industrial activity—in different regions of the same field of view. Today a single camera cannot do all of these things.


‍DARPA’s PIXNET program aims to develop a low size, weight and power (SWaP) digital infrared (IR) camera that can render real-time, single and fused, multi-band imagery in a portable package
‍DARPA’s Short-range Wide-field-of-view Extremely agile Electronically steered Photonic EmitteR (SWEEPER) program has successfully integrated breakthrough non-mechanical optical scanning technology onto a microchip

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