THz Smackdown Poster

THz Smackdown Poster


Microsystems Technology Office (MTO), DARPA


This poster depicts two leading ‘contenders’ in the bid to take radio technology into the THz bandwidth, where more communication than ever can be transmitted faster than ever.


Thematic, entertaining platform for an opaque announcement of technical achievement

Achieved wide distribution for a common press release.

The poster depicts two leading contenders in the bid to take radio technology into the terahertz (THz) bandwidth in which more information than ever can be communicated faster than ever. The abbreviations spell out this way: SSPA, Solid State Power Amplifier; TWTA, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier; InP, Indium Phosphide; CW, continuous wave (as opposed to pulsed operation); dB, decibels (a unit associated here with a radio signal’s power level).

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